What are the Odds?

So this morning I was on the NYC subway, riding in to Manhattan from Brooklyn.  Someone was on the train standing there playing the theme from Star Wars on his radio really loud and saying, “I’m the king everyone, I’m the king, no need to worry.  Don’t be fooled by the hype…” He went on and on and I think he played the loop to the movie like 15 times in a row.  All I could see was Darth Vader walking down the long hallway in his spaceship, fearless, totally awesome.  I need to get my Darth Vader walk on when I’m hitting the stage I think! LOL

Anyway, there was a woman sitting next to me so I turned to her and said “you know that theme song is going to be in my head ALL DAY right?” to which she relied, “yeah, me too, I’m going to play some music as soon as I get to my office to get it out of my head!”  We laughed and sat silently listening…over and over and over again.

So as we approached her stop, she turned to say good day to me and I said “hey, listen to this band, black bird white sky, to help get that Star Wars theme out of your head” to which she relied, “Oh yeah,  I know that band!!!”

What are the odds?  What a great suprise that was…

See you next monday at The Mercury Lounge.  We can’t wait!!!